The unreliability of polygraphs used in criminal trials and investigations

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When Should a Polygraph be Used?

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Smt. Selvi and OTHERS Versus State of Karnataka[ALL SC 2010 MAY]

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Such limited, out of court uses of polygraph techniques do not establish the reliability of polygraphs as trial evidence." U.S. at n. 8, The Department of Justice also takes the position that polygraph results should not be used as evidence at trial.

Drew Peterson Exposed Polygraphs reveal the shocking truth about Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio

The use of the polygraph is worldwide. Almost every law enforcement agency in the United States and many overseas agencies either use the polygraph for pre-employment purposes or for criminal investigations.

The use of the polygraph for pre-employment. Every year, more than 75, eyewitnesses identify suspects in criminal investigations.

Hillary Clinton, the Sixth Amendment, and Legal Ethics

Those identifications are wrong about a third of the time, a pile of studies suggest. Mistaken identifications lead to wrongful convictions. (5) He used these children to get money back from the income tax, and he used these children in the course of the child abuse allegation, and now he gets to use these children as the reason to escape the ultimate punishment.

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The unreliability of polygraphs used in criminal trials and investigations
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