Mike rose blue collar brilliance paragraph

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Sep 06,  · In the article "Blue- Collar Brilliance" by Mike Rose, he stresses the point that people who spend more time in school, are not more brilliant than those who do not. He mentions that just because your certain job may have required less time in school, that does not make you less intelligent.

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I. I regret to inform you that based on the following paragraph, you are a meritocrat: It also ignores that in many many fields (including programming, my field) the team collectively is more effective than the individuals in it, and moreso when they are of mixed background.

Sep 06,  · In his essay, “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” Mike Rose suggests that just because certain jobs require less schooling than others, does not mean that there is less intelligence and thought involved in those fields.

Through a study involving the thought process and demands of service jobs, he insists that although our.

Blue-Collar Brilliance. Questioning assumptions about intelligence, work, and social class. By Mike Rose | June 1, In the blue-collar workplace, directions, plans, and reference books rely on illustrations, some representational and others, like blueprints, that require training to interpret.

Mike Rose is a research professor at. Rose explains how he observed different types of blue- collar and service workers in action, and came to the conclusion that each of them have a skill that takes a lot of mind power to master.

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Mike rose blue collar brilliance paragraph
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