Difference butween managerial economics and pure economics

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Difference Between Microeconomics & Managerial Economics

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9 Main Differences between Managerial Economics and Traditional Economics

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What are the differences between managerial economics and traditional economics ?

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Difference Between Economics and Managerial Economics

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Managerial Economics and Economics: Managerial Economics is economics applied to decision making. It is a special branch of economics, bridging the gap between pure economic theory and manage­rial practice.

Economics has two main branches—micro-economics and macro-economics. Managerial Economics and Economics: Managerial Economics has been described as economics applied to decision making. It may be studied as a special branch of economics, bridging the gap between pure economic theory and manage­rial practice.

Microeconomics and managerial economics are the sub-divisions of economics along with others such as macroeconomics, behavioral economics, development economics, environmental economics or financial economics. There are some fundamental differences between. Managerial economics is concerned with the study of production, cost, profit, etc of business firms.

(iv) Economics is both positive and normative science but the managerial economics is essentially normative in nature. (v) The scope of economics is wider than managerial economics. The important differences between positive and normative economics are explained in the points given below: Positive Economics refers to a science which is based on data and facts.

Normative economics is described as a science based on opinions, values, and judgment. Managerial economics is like Engineering Economics, the working side of economic initiatives or activities. How the underlying or invisible is doing the manifestation of the visible. For example, what guides a person to take a decision on responses to environmental demands.

Difference butween managerial economics and pure economics
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Difference between Managerial Economics and Economics