Aldi and lidl international expansion of two german grocery discounters

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Retailing in Germany

The recovery of Ireland’s economy spells good news for the country’s retailers. Ireland’s economy continued to register positive growth in most indicators during and this resulted in rising disposable income levels, greater consumer confidence and positive value growth in retailing.

In this article, Euromonitor International compares the global expansion strategies of the world's two largest discounters, Aldi and Schwarz (operating the Lidl chain). Over the period from toprospects remain bright for discounters, with forecast growth of 19 percent in constant value.

ALDI AND LIDL Answer 1 Greenfield Investment: Problems and Risks Aldi’s altered from its standardized grocery concept. Aldi & Lidl International expansion of two german grocery discounters.


Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1,Stefan Schmid and others published Aldi and Lidl: International Expansion of Two German Grocery Discounters For full functionality of ResearchGate it.

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Aldi and lidl international expansion of two german grocery discounters
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